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Equilates is a unique program for the equestrian, is the sport specific training method developed by Betsy Steiner using the basic premises of Pilates: promoting elongation of the spine, muscular flexibility and balance, strengthening the core resulting in the relaxed concentration and flow needed to create the partnership between horse and rider.

In addition, Equilates focuses on the mind/body connection using Pilates principles and incorporating Yoga, elements of T’ai Chi and the practice of visualization.

Betsy PostureBenefits of Equilates

Encourages fluid body motion with your horse
Promotes empathy for your horse
Strengthens & stabilizes core
Achieves independence of seat and hands
Produces proper body alignment
Increases rider sensitivity to the horse
Combines strength with flexibility
Enhances balance between horse & rider
Creates long lean muscle
Promotes quiet focus
Mind-body awareness & discipline
Results in better posture – on and off the horse
Enhances proper breathing techniques
Enriches general well being




I would like to offer a big thank you to Betsy Steiner, founder of Equilates, for creating such an exciting program for equestrians. This past weekend’s workshop with Cindy Bickman, program director of Equilates, proved how easy it will be to integrate into our studio’s programming. It is a great thing to be able to speak to athletes seeking performance enhancement through the Pilates method in their own language. The Equilates program does just that and integrates the hard work of body awareness into fun and relevant exercises for riders of all ages and disciplines.
I look forward to continuing work with our workshop participants and continuing to learn the program!

Equilates Testimonial from BODY by GymRoots
Owner – Paula Lord, PMA-CPT, Master BioCored Trainer, Master of Sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Kathy MastragostinoI wasn't really sure what Equilates was all about, but after a brief introduction on the BioCoreds, I am hooked! I found the balance exercises helped me sit more evenly on my horse. I was also able to move my legs a bit more independently as a result of the work with "the cords".
Cindy Bickman, program director of Equilates, was able to diagnose the differences in my right side and left side and to suggest specific exercises to help strengthen the weak side and stretch the stiff side. One real lightbulb moment for me was when we discussed the correlation between the shoulders and the hips. When the shoulders are braced it is also reflected in the movement of the hips and vice versa. Just thinking of this made my transitions much more smooth.
We worked on some stretching exercises today and I am looking forward to seeing how they help me in my "fluidity" as I learn to dance with my lovely horse! Thank you, Betsy, for including Equilates in your program!

Kathy Mastragostino, Shamong, NJ

Mind, Body, & Spirit is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful modern dressage books I have ever read. Betsy Steiner specifically engages the rider in physical, intellectual, and emotional exercises that connect to each level of the German dressage riding scale. The gymnastic exercises are carefully explained, precise, and target exactly what the rider and horse need to progress. Beautifully illustrated and photographed, the book is an absolute must for any equestrian.

April Austin PhD, Missouri USDF Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medalist